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AI Case Studies: Prompt Hacking in Generative AI Applications

This case study highlights the importance of securing the instructions or prompts and data that power your AI tools against prompt hacking.

AI Case Studies: Prompt Hacking in Generative AI Applications


I developed an AI tool that acts like a digital real estate agent, able to give advice and help people buy or sell properties efficiently. This tool was designed using specific instructions to ensure it operates effectively and provides valuable assistance.

The Challenge

I faced a critical issue: ensuring that the specialized instructions given to the ChatGPT couldn't be accessed or tampered with by unauthorized individuals. It's similar to the need for a business to secure its unique strategies and customer information from competitors. The concern was that if someone could hack into the AI and see or alter its instructions, it could not only disrupt the tool's functionality but also pose a risk to the proprietary technology I developed.

The Solution

To tackle this challenge, I took a proactive approach. I started by interacting with the AI tool, asking it to reveal the instructions it was operating under, to see if it might inadvertently disclose sensitive information. Then, I asked the AI to repeat the instructions exactly as they were given. This was a test to see how easily someone could extract the tool's operational blueprint and potentially replicate or sabotage it. This is called Prompt Leaking, a form of Prompt Hacking.

The Results

The experiment showed that the AI tool could indeed recount its instructions exactly as I had programmed them. This outcome highlighted a vulnerability: the ease with which someone with malicious intent could potentially access and misuse the detailed instructions of the AI tool.

There's also a data privacy issue. In the example prompt below, the Real Estate agent's email was exposed (highlighted in red below). This has lawsuit written all over it!

Prompt Leaking Example
Prompt Leaking Example
Original Prompt
Original Prompt


This case study underscores a vital lesson for small business owners and professionals utilizing AI technology: the importance of securing the instructions and data that power your AI tools. As AI becomes more integrated into various aspects of business operations, protecting these assets from unauthorized access and prompt hacking is crucial. My experience serves as a reminder of the ongoing need to safeguard your technological innovations, ensuring they remain effective and secure in a competitive and ever-evolving digital landscape.

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