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AI Case Studies - Brand With Mena

Learn how Brand with Mena was able to delegate SEO Optimized Blogging to technology.

AI Case Studies - Brand With Mena


Brand With Mena is a Personal Branding Photography company that provides photography services for professionals and small businesses. 

They are looking to expand their digital footprint and attract more organic traffic to their website via blogging and SEO.

The Challenge

They need to add more blog posts to their website to educate their website visitors about photography. Mena, the Photographer does not have much time throughout her business schedule to research, write, edit, and publish blog articles on a consistent basis.

The Solution

I built an AI Blog Writer to create blog posts based on keyword research to not only produce dozens of blog articles with a word count of 1200+ words. But SEO capabilities was built into the automation so that their website can outrank their local competition.

The Results

With their newly automated workflow for blog writing, Brand With Mena has saved dozens hours each week on that particular task. They will save thousands of dollars by not outsourcing the blog writing to a human ghost writer or virtual assistant. They simply delegate this task to AI and technology for faster output, predictable outcomes, and alot less money.

AI Automation Client Testimonial

"This automated setup has not only saved me both time and money, but it has also allowed me to focus on my SEO efforts, generating more leads. It's a win-win situation all around! Cory displayed utmost professionalism and thoroughness throughout the process, leaving no doubt that I will be rehiring him in the near future." - Mena Darre, Founder @ Brand With Mena

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